Forefront Series

The food and agricultural landscape is constantly changing in the midst of technological, policy, and cultural innovations and disrupters across the supply chain. Convening stakeholders for lively discussion and exchange of ideas pertaining to the most cutting-edge and pressing issues is imperative to a vibrant food and agriculture system in Illinois.

The FARM Illinois Forefront Series provides a platform for FARM Illinois’ member network to engage in vibrant dialogue around emerging global issues in the food and agriculture landscape. Through the series, members share knowledge, identify best practices, and develop collaborative opportunities through access to high-quality research and insight on relevant innovative topics and emerging trends. The series addresses topics important to Illinois’ food and agricultural sector and related to the Food and Agriculture Roadmap for Illinois.

The highly-focused, half-day events feature keynote presentations by prominent leaders from business, government, and academia with first-hand knowledge and information on how important developments are changing the food and agriculture landscape. Open dialogue sessions moderated by expert facilitators provide enriching collaboration between participants.

Forefront Series Process

Elements of the Forefront Series include:

  • Topic: Relevant topics that are on the leading edge of innovative development that will interest and engage a diverse set of member stakeholders;
  • Keynote: Speakers that can provide leading insight;
  • Platform: A neutral convening space that ensures dynamic conversations and deeper understanding takes place;
  • Research: Generated background materials, best practices, systems context and other information necessary to empower stakeholders;
  • Facilitation: Expert facilitation to create meaningful and productive interactions;
  • Connection: Diverse coalition of stakeholders with a shared interest in the topic;
  • Record: Synthesized proceedings to capture insights and new ideas; and,
  • Implement: Advanced post-discussion through a framework for action and evaluation.